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Pagan Postfolk

RASTABAN is a Postfolk project, a unique mix of traditional folk melodies, tribal vibes and world music elements. Their musical inspiration comes from Celtic and Nordic trads, French medieval tunes, melodies from the Balkan lands, Oriental music, as well as trance and tribal rhythms from many primordial cultures around the world, combined with the energy inherited from their previous rock or even metal projects. RASTABAN invites you to dance, to share emotions and to create a place in your every day routine to celebrate Life through the sound of their moving and energetic music.

Rastaban is:

Marine Libert Vocals
Arno Polet Viola, electronics & beats
Thomas Biesmeijer Irish bouzouki
Mathieu Lacrosse Electric guitar
Mathieu Lesage Percussion
Luka Aubri Slideridoo

Upcoming Concerts

Les Anthinoises
Anthisnes, BE